Thursday, April 7, 2011


Ground beef 93cent lean $2.99 lb. (coupon valid 4/6-4/12) limit 10 lbs.
Tillamook cheese 2 lb. brick $4.99 ( " ) limit 1
Bush's baked beans $1.39 ( " ) limit 6
General Mills cereals & snacks $1.77
Dreyers icecream buy one and get 2 free
Chicken, drumsticks or thighs 99 cents lb.
Bounty basic paper towels 8ct. $4.99 (Buy and get a $1 coupon off next purchase)
Charmin basic big roll tissue 12 ct. $4.99 ( " ) Purex complete 28 oz or liquid laundry detergent $2.99 ( " )
Wesson oil $2.99 48 oz. ( " )
If you look in the ad the two center pages have items you can purchase and get a $1 or $2 coupon, these are just a couple of the items.

I haven't made it to Fed Meyers yet this week, will try and post their ad at a later time.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I just heard on the news that grocery prices went up more in the last month than ever recorded, true or not we all know that saving a dollar gets harder and harder. For those of you who use this blog I hope you will find it helpful.

Best buys for the week of March 23rd to March 29th


Three day sale March 25, 26, 27

Pork tenderloin and pork back ribs $2.99 lb
Fresh asparagus $1.49 lb
Large eggs 99 cents
( Since you saved all that money you could buy a couple of primroses for your front step for 79cents, that's the best price I have seen on them)

Week long ad for QFC

Red, Green or Black Seedless Grapes $1.28 lb


Four day sale March 25th to 28th

Ground turkey buy 1 get one free

Week long ad

Lucerene Yogurt 10 for $4
Pillsbury cake or brownie mix 88 cents
8 lb bag Safeway navel oranges $3,99
Broccoli crowns 99 cents lb


Coupons in ad

Dole classic iceberg salad 12oz bag 98cents limit 4
Libby's can veg. 48 cents limit 10
Bumble bee chunk white tuna 88 cents
American Beauty Pasta 12- 16oz 88 cents limit 6
Albertsons Spring water 24 pk 16.9 oz bottles $2.88 limit2
Brawny paper towels or quilted northern double roll bath tissue $5.88 limit 2

Reg. Ad

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts ( butcher block) $1.88
Cameo, Gala or Fuji Apples 88 cents a lb.
Purchase three kellogg's cereals at $2.99 ea. and receive a gallon of milk ( use a cereal coupon and save more)

Buy ten of any of the following items and you get them for the second price posted

Pillsbury traditional Brownie 99 cents ( 49 cents)
Powerade 32.oz $1 ( 50 cents)
Glaceau vitaminwater $1 ( 50 cents)
Kraft salad dressing 14-16 oz. $1.99 ( $1.49)
Nabissco snack crakers $2.49 ($1.99)
Kraft Mayo or Mircale Whip 22oz. $2.49 ($1.99)

Fred Meyer ( their ad runs Sun. through Sat.) pick ad up by front door for coupons

Fresh whole Fryers 88 cents lb.
1 Lb. Strawberries 2 for $3.00
Cantaloupe 58 cents lb.
Tillamook shredded cheese 8 oz. ( coupon limit 10)
Butter 2 for $5 (coupon limit 4)
Organic braeburn or cameo apples 88 cents lb.
Texas grapefruit 3 for $1
Fred Meyer 18-pack eggs 2for $3 (coupon limit 2)
Tillamook Yogurt 10 for $4 ( coupon limit 20)
Fred Meyer ice cream 6 for $10 (coupon limit 10)
24-pack aquafina water 0.5 liters $2.99 ( limit 2)

Hope this helps someone out there who is trying to save on their food bill. Remember on those great coupon items try and go with your spouse or a friend and both of you go through a line. It will help stock up your pantry and make it worth the gas you have to spend to get there.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

With the price of gas going up weekly food prices are going to follow. It's time to stock up the pantry. I will try my best to publish those items that I think are the best buys each week. Happy savings!

March 2nd through March 8th


Cottage Cheese & Sour Cream 24 oz. 2 for $4

Kroger selected varieties canned beans 2 for $1

selected varieties tomatoes 2 for $1

Pillsbury cake mix 88 cents

Charmin bath tissue 12-16 roll $5.99 ( at if you have a Qfc card you can login and get a digital coupon for an additional $3.00 off)

Progresso soup selected varieties 99 cents ( digital coupon for an additional 50 cents off 2)

Crest toothpaste selected varieties 4.6-6oz. $2.49 (digital coupon for and additional $1.00)


Cereal- Cheerios, cap'n crunch, cinnamon toast crunch $1.49 reg. price $2.49 ( you must buy 4)

Life, golden grahams, oatmeal squares $1.49 reg.price $2.49 ( you must buy 4)

Froot loops, honey bunches of oats, rice krisipies $1.99 reg. price $2.99 ( you must buy 4)

Sunkist solid white tuna 5oz can 88 cents ( friday thru monday)

Fuji, braeburn or granny smith apples 99 cents lb.

Asparagus $1.28 lb.


Coupons in their ad (if you don't have the ad you can pick one up in the store for the coupons) I don't go there unless they have a real good special or if I'm' already going to Bellevue, it only takes a few min. to run in and and it's worth the savings. If there's a limit and your with someone both of you get a coupon and get your limit.

Starkist chunk light tuna 39 cents (limit 3 per coupon)

Albertsons bread 77 cents (limit 2 per coupon)

Ore-lda potatoes 2 for $4 (limit 2 per coupon)

Yoplait yogurt 20 for $10

Top Food (I just have the list of ads so if I'm close I know if I need to stop at Top if I'm in Bellevue or Redmond. They have good lost leaders)

Tillmook butter $1.99

Large eggs 99 cents doz.

Sweet onions 49 cents lb.

Fresh express house salad kit $ 1.00

Haggen frozen veg. 49 cents

Bisquick 40oz. $1.99

Buy on get one ( why don't they just say 50%)

Haggen shredded cheese, cream cheese, string cheese, single slices, pepperoni, grated cheese

Pick any 10 items from frozen foods and get $5 off

Fred Meyer ( their ads run Sun. thru Sat.)

Fred meyer salad dressing 10 for $10 (You don't have to buy ten) coupon

Fresh selections or fresh express salad kits or blends ( buy one get one)

Fresh boneless skinless fryer breasts $1.99 family pack of 4lbs. or more ( coupon good for 3 pkg.)

Charmin bath tissue or bounty paper towels $5.99 (coupon limit 2)

Let me know what items to watch for and please let me know if this helps.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thought it was time for me to get back on the job and let you know what buys are out there this week. With the price of gas going up like it is we will be seeing it effect the cost of everything so be sure to stock up. There were some good buys on the weekend, sorry I'm slow getting this up these ads go through Tues. night.

hunts diced tomatoes 50 cents when you purchase ten
hormel or stagg chili 50 cents when you purchase ten
tillamook cheese 32oz. $4.99 with a ten dollar purchase limit 2
oscar meyer meat hot dog 99 cents with ten dollar purchase limit 5
heinz ketchup $1.49 40 oz.
hidden valley ranch salad dressing $1.49 16 oz.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving ads

Welcome to my blog, I have had requests to share some of the best buys I find each week. Hopefully the information I post will help you save, which is something we are all trying to do right now. Comments are welcome and if you find a good buy out there please feel free to share it with everyone. I'm late starting this week, I will try to post the buys of the week when the ads come out so you will have a week to purchase them.
One more thing, Thanks to my daughter Nicole for setting up the blog for me, she did a great job!


It's time to inventory your spice cupboard for the holidays. Spices or extracts are on sale buy one get one free.
Kroger brand frozen veg. are buy one get one free.
Celery 39 cents lb.
For those of you who do crackers wheat thins and triscuts are $1.88


They usually have some great buys, I don't make a special trip but stop when we go to Bellevue.
10 lb. bag of russet potatoes 88 cents limit 2
Green giant veg. 47 cents
Albertsons mandarin oranges 47 cents
Albertsons broth 57 cents
Albertsons olives 97 cents


Whole pineapple $1.99
Tillamook 32oz. brick cheese selected varieties $3.99
Coupons in their ad ( you can usually get their ad inside the door if you don't have the coupons)
Philadelphia cream cheese 8 oz. $1.29
18ct Lucerne large eggs $1.99

I don't have the Fred Meyer ad, it comes out on Sunday so will post it on Monday. I also get the Top ad online so will post their best buys if you go into Bellevue it is worth stopping as they usually have some good buys.


Libby's veg. 50 cents
Yams 57 cents lb.
Avocados 57 cents each
Haggen butter $1.99 (limit 2)
Parkay margarine 16oz. 25cents ( thats right only a quarter great for some of those cookie receipes for the holidays)

Hope this helps, let me know what you want me to watch for. I will try to include printable coupons when avalible. The following link has a $5.00 coupon for Top, I used one today.

Happy saving!